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Moment. Place. Duration of Time.

Always looking. Waiting. Watching. Hunting then gathering, often in a heightened state of awareness. Attentive to the unfolding instant and the serendipity of the unexpected. Hurry. Wait. A precision of form. A delicate interplay of light. Eloquence in gesture. Reflection. Depth. The asynchronous made synchronous. Exacting the essentials. Everything in its right place. Equilibrium. Balance. Visual relationships made complete. Now frozen.

These collected photographs came to be during travels over the past 12 years. I took the camera for a walk and followed where it led. The attendant newness that comes when traveling gave form to these images and purpose to my camera work. But these are not travel photographs per se. They are studies of individual moments. Moved by the moment, it is incumbent upon me as a practitioner of the visual arts to try and deliver the unique and transcendent encounter, ideally in a style befitting my personal vision. Whether it be the gardens of Paris, the beaches of Barcelona or the cobbled alleys of Ybor City, the common thread is just that — vision.

Moment. Place. Duration of Time.
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